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‘Spare us faux outrage at Republicans’

Since election day, I am continually amused by the tenor of many letters printed herein. The theme of these letters is pearl clutching and teeth gnashing in prose. Expressed repeatedly are lamentations of writers who cannot believe U.S. Rep. Boebert was reelected. One recent letter invoked Samuel Adams. The writer thanked his lucky stars that the Senate and presidency are in “sane and moral” hands.

While Boebert is an unpolished politician, she is at least, a bulwark against far poorer candidates and ideas. Boebert has been the only viable choice for those wishing to stem the march toward socialism and authoritarianism the left currently favors.

In the House, I’ll see your Boebert and raise you Russia collusion hoaxer Adam Schiff; Eric Swallwell – he of the Fang Fang bang bang; Katie Hill – disgraced throupler; grifter Maxine Waters; 80 proof Nancy Pelosi; and “The Squad” led by galaxy brain Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In the upper chamber, your virtuous rulers include Supreme Court terrorist Chuck Shumer; Saigon stud Richard Blumenthal; underage prostitute aficionado Bob Menendez; fake Native American Liz Warren; Mazie Hirono – who decided “sexual preference” is now a slur; and Moscow clown Bernie Sanders.

Samuel Adams would give these Mensa members a hardy huzzah!

As for the presidency: Do you follow the news? Spare us the faux outrage at Republicans cornering the market on terrible people. Take the plank from your own eye before trying to remove the speck from mine.

Scott Takacs