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Shut off water to avoid crisis this winter

Water is a god-given fundamental right to the human species, and should not be superceded by the senior water rights of Montezuma Valley Irrigation Co. shareholders.

McPhee, Narraguinnep and Groundhog reservoirs are all being drained to fit the water needs of MVI shareholders, which includes ponds for their pleasure rather than pasture for animals and hay. I am told that MVI water rights supersede Montezuma water taps, and that is the water that feeds our homes.

Every Montezuma water tap owner should go to the next MVI meeting and demand they shut the water off to their shareholders, so people will have water for their homes and family this winter. If we don't shut them off, the people will have a water crisis this winter. They have drained the water resources past their limits.

The water will not be replaced until next spring with the snow melt, if we get a good year. I would think that the MVI shareholders would agree because they also need water for their homes this winter.

Kate Guilliams

Pleasant View