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Sheriff’s blotter

Thursday, April 20

12:39 a.m. Two men cut the fence and entered the lot at 24363 County Road L. One broke into a truck with a trailer attached and drove it out of the lot.

Saturday, April 29

1:30 p.m. Two men stole two blue-eyed spruces from Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery in Dolores, 26650 County Road P. The trees are valued at $558 total.

Sunday, May 7

5:27 p.m. Two women collecting belongings from a shed in the 9400 block of Road 42 found that an antique claw-foot porcelain bathtub was missing. The tub was last seen in the shed more than a week before. The estimated value of the tub is $600.

Thursday, May 11

5:59 p.m. A man who handn’t reached his landlord in more than a month requested that someone check on her. An officer found that the landlord had not checked her mailbox for an extended length of time and could see no one inside her residence in the 10100 block of Road 44. The officer checked the inside of the home and noted a bathtub full of water and clothes laying around the home. The landlord’s son stated he had contacted his mother that day. The officer was unable to reach to landlord by phone.

Sunday, May 21

3:28 p.m. A woman returned to her home in the 200 block of Central Avenue in Dolores and found the windows open and the lights on. The woman had left her home the day prior. The only things taken belonged to a friend of the woman. The things taken were a puppy, $50 cash and a pair of headphones.

Tuesday, May 23

12:36 p.m. A man with two protection orders that restricts him from contacting his sister-in-law made three attempts to visit her in the 24300 block of Road G.1. The man was arrested on suspicion of six violations of a protection order.

3:23 p.m. A man at the Montezuma County Combined Courts, 865 N. Park St., was remanded into custody of the Montezuma County Detention Center, 730 E. Driscoll St.

5 p.m. A man in the 19200 block of Road P noticed his mailbox had been run over.

5:34 p.m. An officer served two warrants to a man in custody of the Montezuma County Detention Center, 730 E. Driscoll St.

Thursday, May 25

7:54 a.m. A man at Baymont Inn in Cortez, 2279 Hawkins St., noticed his dirt bike was missing from the back of his friend’s truck. The straps holding the bike were cut and the side of the truck had damage from someone dragging the bike over the side. The bike was found a quarter mile South of the Baymont Inn. Repairs to the truck and straps were an estimated $1,065. The bike’s value was $6,200.

9:50 a.m. A car impounded at the Mancos Marshal’s Office, 117 N. Main St., was found to have multiple used syringes inside. The syringes were removed so the truck could be turned over to a salvage company and be crushed.

11:17 a.m. A man being released from the Montezuma County Detention Center, 730 E. Driscoll St., was arrested on a warrant.

9 p.m. A man returning home in the lower 100 block of Porter Way in Dolores saw an unknown man leaving his home. The man chased the intruder but lost him. Nothing was missing from the man’s home. Many drawers had been rummaged through and a small pry bar had been left by the other man.

Friday, May 26

12:45 p.m. Two woman in custody of the Montezuma County Detention Center, 730 E. Driscoll St., got into a physical fight. A woman shoved another woman and the two repeatedly shoved each other. The first woman punched the second in the face and then walked away. The first woman was cited with assault.

Saturday, May 27

1:39 a.m. A man driving in the 24000 block of U.S. Highway 491 ran off the roadway into a ditch. The truck landed sideways in the ditch and alcohol can were strewed around the wreck. The man told an officer he had been drinking. The investigation was turned over to Colorado State Patrol.

5:20 p.m. An officer served a warrant to a woman in custody of the Montezuma County Detention Center, 730 E. Driscoll St.

Sunday, May 28

9:14 p.m. A man driving a truck in the 28500 block of U.S. Highway 491 collided head-on with a semitrailer. The man was arrested by Colorado State Patrol and his breath sample tested at .113 BAC. The front half of the truck was destroyed and the semitrailer cab came off the frame. The gas tank on the semitrailer caught fire which the fire department put out. The driver of the semitrailer was in not seriously injured. The driver of the truck was ejected from the cab during the crash.

Monday, May 29

4:49 p.m. A woman driving in the 15000 block of Road 24 was flagged down by a man who need help putting out a fire. The woman reported the fire and left after her attempts to help. An officer found the remnants of the fire and noted the items were smoldering. The fire department finished putting out the fire. The items that were burning were a moving blanket, two exhaust mufflers, a brake rotor, and other melted metal and plastic pieces.

5:33 p.m. A woman refusing to leave Baymont Inn in Cortez, 2279 Hawkins St., was arrested on suspicion of obstruction of justice and violating a protection order with controlled substance restrictions. The woman had attempted to leave while an officer was issued a trespass notice to the woman and attempted to kick officers when she was being handcuffed.

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