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Sheriff’s blotter

Sunday, Sept. 25

7:17 p.m., A dog was reported chained with no food or water at Vista Verde park, 28260 U.S. Highway 160. This was reported as not being the only occasion. The owner could not be contacted.

Friday, Oct. 7

3:44 p.m., A report was made for theft as a man took a check from someone he helped move and wrote it out for $158.78 and cashed it. No arrest has been yet as the bank refunded the money.

Saturday, Oct. 8

4 p.m., A man was seen trying to break into a house in the 23000 Road F.5. A woman inside the residence reported he had shoved her to the ground, causing her head to strike bench after she asked him to move out. The man was arrested on suspicion of a domestic problem and harassment.

4 p.m., A woman was arrested in the 17000 block of Colorado Highway 145 for two warrants.

Monday, Oct. 11

7:22 p.m., A man accelerated quickly out of a drop off lane at Dolores Secondary School, 1301 Central Ave., and ran into the front passenger side bumper of a car that was turning in front of him. An officer wrote up summons on suspicion of careless driving for the man.

Wednesday, Oct. 13

10:07 a.m., A man was arrested at the Montezuma Court, 865 North Park St., for a failure to appear warrant.

Thursday, Oct. 13

10:22 p.m., A deputy responded to a call for assistance by the Cortez police. The deputy clocked a vehicle traveling in the 6000 block of U.S. Highway 160 traveling at 117 mph. This information was shared with the Bureau of Indian Affairs Dispatch.

Friday, Oct. 14

9:19 p.m., A deputy provided support to a State Patrol officer who arrested a driver on suspicion of drunken driving in the 4000 block of U.S. Highway 160.

Saturday, Oct. 15

2:12 p.m., Two loose dogs attacked turkeys and chickens in the 14000 block of Road 22, killing four turkeys and 23 chickens. The dogs owners are working with the birds owners to resolve the incident via civil restitution

Monday, Oct. 17

4:30 a.m., A bear got into a unsecured trash can in the 200 block of South Fourth Street and spread trash around the area. The building owner was issued a citation for not securing the trash container.

3:11 p.m., A woman was arrested on Forest Service Road 258 was arrested for a failure to appear warrant.

Tuesday, Oct. 18

4:55 p.m., A woman at the Cortez airport, 22870 Road F, was reported by the TSA to be in possession of counterfeit money totaling in $1,630. She stated she was using it to prank a friend. The money was seized by an officer.

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