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‘Share concerns about democracy surviving’

Project 2025, the GOP plan to install dictatorship during the next potential Donald Trump administration, is plenty of reason to feel overwhelmed. Hearing people applaud dictatorship out loud is horrifying, like baby alien popping out of our national stomach, a clear sign of cult-borne mental illness.

Those of us who treasure democracy are so stunned, we check out, eyes glazed – a dangerous reaction. Ignoring a major problem like fascism is always a bad idea.

An obsession to control people corresponds to an addiction to obscene wealth. Dictatorship is the logical extension of America’s increasing wealth disparity, as billionaires suck the marrow out of working people.

In the last 40 years, mega-billionaires extracted $50 trillion from us, the people who do America’s work. Corporate politicians tell us, “Sorry, there’s not enough to go around (health care, food, housing, education, justice) – can’t be done.”

Creating our misery incurs zero moral injury for super wealthy overlords.

We The People absolutely have the power to fix this. Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States,” tells how every generation of hard-working Americans successfully organized for justice.

They fought against the indentured servitude role the wealthy intend for us. Now it’s our turn. An American Dream with heart is not worship of unlimited personal wealth. It’s us banding together to ensure everyone’s well-being.

Be the first domino in your circle. Reach out to friends and share your concerns about our democracy surviving.

Let’s build consensus and use it.

Kirby MacLaurin