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School board sees through political pressure

Hooooooray, for the Montezuma-Cortez School Board! They have seen through the political pressure of the leftist Marxism of dividing people and encouraging hatred to gain power.

To The Journal editors of Durango: It’s time to learn history and facts rather than politics. Also desist from trying to parent the people of Cortez and Montezuma County through your editorial page.

Neither masks nor vaccines are helpful in suppressing COVID-19 in our young school age children and in fact are suppressing learning and self-esteem. This is especially true for children with learning difficulties.

Critical race theory is shown to be racist by its designs of dividing people, not by accomplishments or character or aspirations, but simply by skin color. CRT divides people into two categories of exploiters and victims by the color of their skin. It further proclaims that it is not someone’s fault that they are one or the other (according to their skin color) but also, that they cannot overcome either.

“I believe it’s critical to understand – maybe more so than at any other point in our shared history in the U.S. – that there is only one critical race, the human race. There is no white race, no black race, no red race, no brown race, no yellow race, no mixed race. There is one human race.” Dr. Alveda C. King

Let our teachers teach what they have desired and come to teach. Let them teach children. Let them teach reading, writing, mathematics, true science and true history.

Cheryl Holdorf