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San Juan County ranks seventh for domestic violence; death by unintentional injury jumps

Respondents to a survey who said that violence and injury was a major issue in San Juan County attributed the cause to alcohol, drug use and poverty. (Adobe stock image)
Survey finds that half the respondents see injury and violence as a moderate issue

In 2021, San Juan County was ranked seventh out of the 33 counties in New Mexico for the number of domestic violence cases filed in the state.

San Juan County Partnership states that there were a total of 1,266 domestic violence incidents reported to Law Enforcement in San Juan County, or 11 incidents per 1,000 people.

The 2023 Professional Research Consultants Community Health survey, which provides information on issues that concern the well-being of a community, was conducted on behalf of San Juan Regional Medical Center.

Taking a data-driven approach to determining needs in San Juan County, the report found that 50.7% of key informants perceive injury and violence as a moderate issue in San Juan County. About 23.9% believe it is a major problem, 22.4% believe it is a minor problem, and 3.0% do not believe it is a problem at all.

Where to find help

There are two domestic violence and abuse shelters located in Farmington. The Family Crisis Center hotline is (505) 564-9192.

The Navajo United Methodist Center is a domestic violence program that can be reached at (505) 325-7578.

For recommendations to prevent child deaths, visit https://www.nmhealth.org/publication/view/report/8272/.

Respondents who said it was a major problem were asked what they believed the causes were.

“Alcoholism and drug abuse are closely related to violence and injury in this community,” said one respondent, who identified as a physician.

“Regular stabbings and shootings, and a high call volume for EMS for severe trauma,” said a public official.

Others believe the violence can be traced to income and poverty, incidence and prevalence, domestic and family violence, gang violence and lack of providers and law enforcement.

In 2018 to 2020, mortality rates from unintentional injury in San Juan County were at 95.4%. In 2011, the rate was 79.5%, an increase of 15.9 percentage points in the past decade.

Unintentional injuries rates (Courtesy Professional Research Consultants)

Healthy People states that the main cause of death in children in the United States is from unintentional deaths.

From 2020 to 2021, there were a total of 163 child deaths in New Mexico and 59, or 36.2%, of them were attributed to unintentional injury. The New Mexico Child Fatality Review 2022 Report states that of the 163 child deaths, 139, 85%, of them could have been prevented.

Leading causes of unintentional injury deaths in San Juan County, 2018 to 2020 (Courtesy Professional Research Consultants).