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‘Power of voters will matter more’

Does the majority still rule? Half of Colorado is now independent, not registered with either major political party, but somehow the two parties have all the control over who gets elected.

That doesn’t seem right. We are forced to pick from party nominees in the general elections who are chosen by the more “die-hard” members of their parties. The only other choices are third-party candidates who act as spoilers, not viable options.

I don’t want to throw away my vote. However, I’m frustrated that my only viable choices are often candidates who are beholden to the extreme base of their party’s voters, the ones who helped them get through their primary.

But there’s a better option coming.

There’s a ballot measure gathering signatures to fix our system called Initiative 310. It would have all candidates run together in a single primary, with four candidates of any/all parties moving on to the general election, then decided by whomever gets the majority of votes through ranked choice.

It means that the power of voters will matter more than the political parties.

I encourage everyone to sign the petition and give voters a chance at a better system, one that will allow the majority to rule.

Daniel Klein