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Police seize shotgun from man near Kemper Elementary

Brett Robsion was found conceal carrying a shotgun on Nov. 8 near Kemper Elementary School. (Courtesy photo)
A concerned citizen called police after seeing the man’s proximity to the school

Police were dispatched to 620 E. Montezuma Ave. on Nov. 8 near Kemper Elementary School about 10:05 a.m. after a call was made regarding a male potentially carrying a concealed weapon.

Officer Shane Fletcher, who responded to the call, said in his incident report that upon arrival he saw a male carrying a “long, rigid object” in a sweatshirt while walking down the street.

As Fletcher got out of his patrol vehicle, he ordered the man, later identified as Brett Adam Robsion, to put the object on the ground.

After removing the sweatshirt from the firearm, Fletcher observed it to be a 12-gauge shotgun.

When asked why he was carrying a shotgun, Robsion told Fletcher that he was taking it to a friend’s house to sell it for $50.

Fletcher told Robsion that he had raised an alarm in close proximity to a school, and him being that close had raised alarm. After calling dispatch, Fletcher was told that both Robsion and the gun were clear. Robsion didn’t have felonies or warrants, and there had been no past incidents involving the shotgun.

While measuring the shotgun, Fletcher found five shells although the chamber was unloaded. He also measured the shotgun to be 18 inches, and the length of the firearm qualified as an illegal or dangerous weapon.

Robsion was cited with possession of an illegal or dangerous weapon and for carrying a concealed firearm.