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‘People complaining about gas, inflation’

My recent annoyance of the day: I went to Cortez to shop and saw at least five cars waiting at the drive-thru for the new coffee place to buy a coffee that would cost at least $5 a cup, if not more. Then onto McDonald's, where there were so many cars in the drive-thru lanes (two of them), they were blocking traffic on the main road. These same people are most likely complaining about the price of gas and inflation.

What is wrong with people? How much does gas have to cost for those same people to get out of their cars and go inside? It wasn’t raining or snowing or hot that day. They have no excuse except laziness. The only good excuse is if there were disabled people who cannot walk. I doubt that most of the time, this is the case.

My point? Do not complain about gas prices and/or inflation if you are one of these people sitting in their cars, waiting in line and polluting the town with more gas fumes.

Mary O’Brien