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‘Paint this town red’ for Kuss

We gotta paint this town red as in the Maglia Rossa (red Jersey in spanish) to honor our own Sepp Kuss absolute crushing and winning the Vuelta de Espana (Tour of Spain), which has not been won by an American since Chris Horner in 2013.

Was blessed enough to be Team 7-Eleven’s strength and conditioning coach in Boulder when my boy Andy Hampsten won the Giro (Tour of Italy) in ‘88. I and 50% of Boulder literally painted ourselves pink (the color of the leaders jersey in the Giro) and the buildings pink and had a huge parade on The Hill for him! It was awesome!

Would love to have my daughter experience a similar hometown hero’s welcome! I feel that to her –and all of our kids in sports programs – it would further ignite our kids’ athletic dreams way higher here in Sepp’s hometown!

Feeble Steve ilg is certain I’m not the only nordic skier who babysat Seppy at Durango Nordic Center as his mom (Sabina? You looked fantastic on international TV/Media.) and his icon dad, Dolph, grabbed ski laps.

Let’s gather as a c(om)munity to honor this amazing achievement by one of our own. Historically, Sepp comes back home during Christmas. We owe this shining light a hero’s welcome home because what he did? What he dreamed?

Began right here, beneath our Sacred Peak of Dibe Nítsáá.

Head bowed, spirit vowed.

Steve Ilg