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Our View: Deep thanks to readers, co-workers, media partners, communities

It seems we say “thank you” all day long. At the grocery store after a transaction. As a salutation, signing off on an email or text or phone call. When a person holds open the door behind her, we say thanks.

The truth is, our thanks run very deep. First, to our readers. You allow us to do what we love every day. Thank you for reading The Durango Herald and The Journal, engaging with editorials, calling us out when we’ve missed the point and giving us some grace when we need it.

To our co-workers, we appreciate you making our offices pleasant places to be. Thank you for catching our mistakes and offering that more-than-occasional boost to get us through deadline, served up with a dose of wicked humor.

Beyond reporters and editors, every person who works in our buildings, whether it’s in customer service, marketing, sales, circulation or IT, we know you have our backs. We’re lucky to work within a culture of goodwill. And it’s nice to walk through the doors and see you all, every single day.

To our media partners, thank you for taking our calls after hours, explaining a fine point to keep us from looking like fools and, generally, being available despite your own deadlines and responsibilities. Your professionalism and generosity make us better.

To our community members. Ultimately, we work for you. Stay in touch as we consider critical issues in the lives of people in the Southwest. Many backgrounds are represented here. We try to connect with each and every population, and weigh all angles into conversations. No doubt, we miss things. Our best work comes when we exchange ideas. Thank you for keeping us in the loop.

On this Thanksgiving weekend, we’re grateful to sit across tables from people who believe in us, who we count on. The flip side of this sincerity and love, of course, is the longing when we’re separated. Whether it’s because of snowstorms or family members deployed or too far away to get together or loved ones we’ve lost. We feel the twinge of missing them. And we see our good fortune in having them in our lives.

It’s easy to see why we’re grateful. It’s natural to say “thank you.” Just know, we feel it much more than we even say it.