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Our View: Dear readers,

With heavy hearts over the passing of our dear colleague, former Editorial Editor Bill Roberts, we’re sharing some of his work. (links follow) Starting with his most recent guest column, “Talk about Biden’s age is code,” Bill was eager to dive into our Opinion election coverage.

Additional guest columns, in no particular order, are just a sampling of his vast body of work. Whether you’re a fan of Bill’s or new to his columns, note his pointed arguments in his conversational tone.

You don’t have to agree with what he has to say, but we hope you appreciate how he says it.

We writers can fall into blabbering – a very common mistake. Bill always had his North Star, his final thesis to return to, even after being pulled away by memories and anecdotes. He found his way back to what he wanted – needed – to say.

We will miss Bill’s clear, strong voice. But more than anything, we will miss his friendship.

He cared deeply for the people here, and we will conjure his spirit as we work to engage readers on considering and, ideally, solving critical issues that affect all of us in the Southwest.

We’ll honor Bill in other ways, too. Possibly internships or scholarships. Whatever we do, it won’t be commensurate with what he contributed to The Durango Herald.

But we’ll do our jobs with him in mind, as Bill put the greater good as the real reason to opine in our pages.

Whether or not you actually liked what he had to say.