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‘Open minds and hearts matter’

United we stand, divided we fall.

As we approach July 4, we may wish to read and reflect on the Declaration of Independence.

We are free to pursue happiness. It’s not guaranteed. Our joy (and displeasure) are our responsibility.

While we’re at it, we may wish to reflect on the energy we put forth in our civic engagement. Open minds and hearts matter. It is not patriotic to be sucked into the distortion of “us” and “them” as this plants the seeds of division and dissent.

Almost every war throughout the millennium has had neighbors fighting neighbors. Such events begin behind the scenes by those rare few whose economic interests are at risk.

Distraction and disinformation manipulates good people. We have more in common than our political affiliations. It’s worthwhile to look no further than within so we find the humility and gratitude that binds us.

Carl Sheeler