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‘Offset in some manner’ motorcycle rally

Now that the Four Corners Motorcycle Rally has left town for another year, I am curious if the city, county and/or rally organizers can and will take any action to mitigate the carbon emissions of revving engines, ripping around town and the fairgrounds arena.

A medium-size campsite at the fairgrounds cost $275 for the days of the rally. Let’s just say 400 spaces were reserved for an average of $250, which amounts to +/- $100,000. Along with ticket prices for events at the arena, couldn’t some of that hefty amount be used to plant more trees or subsidize solar panels on homes? There are plenty more ways to offset the carbon footprint of this event.

Granted, the rally brought many folks to our restaurants, motels and stores. But by not addressing the impact of its carbon emissions epitomizes why our country and our planet experience extreme weather events. Short-term gain/pleasure over long-term effects/consequences-or-simply put, profit over planet.

Hopefully, in the licensing agreement for the 2024 rally, the county will ensure that the rally’s carbon footprint is offset in some manner.

Sandy Bielenberg