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Norma Anderson: ‘Strategic thinker, fair’

Who is Republican Norma Anderson and why did she lead a Colorado lawsuit to disqualify Donald Trump from the 2024 ballot?

Four points I’ve learned:

* An insurrection was attempted in 1860 to remove Abraham Lincoln because South Carolina declared “a man who does not support slavery cannot be president.” At the time, the14th Amendment didn’t exist, so we got the Civil War instead.

* Officially, it is “engaged in insurrection against the Constitution,” not the U.S.

* Insurrection encompasses not only Jan. 6, but all Trump’s plans to stay in office. Constant lies that the election was stolen with no evidence; Trump’s plans for fake electors; Trump’s pressuring of Vice President Mike Pence to delay the electoral count; Trump’s “perfect phone call” to Georgia to find 11,780 votes; Trump’s orders to “take down the mags” on Jan. 6 to allow rioters to carry weapons; Trump’s insistence to join the rioters at the Capitol (Secret Service stopped him for safety.); Trump’s refusal to end the destruction and loss of life during the assault on the Capitol.

Instead, Trump watched television. He only issued a “go home statement” hours later, when it was clear the insurrection riot would not succeed.

* Anderson served as both state representative from 1987 to 1998, then state senator, 1999 to 2005. She became the first woman senate majority leader. One of her bills created the Colorado Department of Transportation. She is regarded as a strategic thinker, fair and honest.

Go girl!

Barbara J. Day