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News from the Mancos Times-Tribune, Oct. 6, 1911

More Rain and Higher Waters

On Wednesday evening one of the severest of the many severe storms of the season burst upon this section of the country continuing through the entire night and, from reports we can get over the wires every stream in the southwest is swollen to enormous size. The rain fall was not extra heavy, as it appeared to us, but general, and considerable damage will be done to grain in the stack and in the fields to the last cutting of hay in many places and to numerous road and railroad bridges. No trains at all reaching Mancos yesterday. The Hesperus bridge was so weakened by the flood that the train came as far as that place and returned to Durungo. The Dolores river is reported higher than it has ever been known but the extent of damage is not known as the wires are down that way.

The Mancos river began rising early Wednesday night and continuing to rise all day yesterday until almost night when the water began to subside. Considerable damage of small importance was done all along the river course. The raging torrent brought down quantities of driftwood, trees, logs and everything in its course that was loose. This collected at various points causing the river to change its channel in many places with consequent damage. In town it cut in above the post office building, seriously threatening its safety and took away a part of the warehouse belonging to the Mancos Mercantile Co., which was cut loose from the other building in order to save the balance of the structure. In the lower side the water got the better of the long fight made by Nate Bowen to save the premises and in the afternoon a large percent of the flow of water broke through onto his house which was saved by complete destruction only by a number of trees that grew just above the building which collected a drift and saved the building. Mrs. Kate Rutherford’s residence was seriously threatened and she was compelled to move out as was also the case with Mr. Pearman. However no one suffered any great damage but these parties are now seriously threaten thinking of leaving the low area at once and for good. The river is somewhat lower this morning and the danger period is entire passed unless more rain comes at once. The wind is out of the northwest and it is much cooler which is a favorable sign of fair weather.