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New trash removal service expands to Mancos

Countryside Disposal plans to start service Thursday
Countryside Disposal’s trash collection truck.

A new Cortez-based trash removal service is about to expand its business to Mancos.

Herman and Kim Rosas started Countryside Disposal earlier this summer, collecting curbside trash for a handful of customers in Cortez and Dolores. Starting Sept. 7, they plan to start serving Mancos residents as well.

The small business charges $25 per month for one dumpster, plus $6 for each additional dumpster.

“I know people in Mancos and Cortez and Dolores, and I wanted to hit all of them eventually,” Herman Rosas said.

Rosas has been in the waste collection business for about 20 years. He and his family tried to form their own waste disposal company in Montezuma County about 12 years ago, he said, but “it didn’t make it.” They hope to do better this time around by slowly expanding their clientele throughout the county, and by offering competitive prices. Right now they have about 40 customers, Rosas said, and he has delivered dumpsters to a few Mancos residents.

In light of Dolores’ recent ordinance requiring residents and business owners to use bear-resistant trash containers, Countryside is offering those containers to Dolores residents at no extra charge. Rosas said he would consider offering them to Mancos residents as well, but he hasn’t received as many requests for bear-resistant containers from that area.

Rosas said his company accepts any kind of trash that can be deposited at the Montezuma County landfill, although some types of waste, like tires and batteries, will cost extra. Countryside does not offer recycling.

Right now, Mancos residents don’t have many options when it comes to trash removal other than Waste Management. The Rosas family hopes some residents will appreciate a more local approach. Rosas promised to listen to customers’ feedback and try to accommodate their needs as much as possible.

“We want to help the community and stay with the community,” he said. “We’ll do the best we can to keep everybody happy.”

The Rosas family operates the business from their home, but Rosas said he hopes to reach enough customers to hire more employees and open a more visible office. Eventually he wants to expand to the more rural areas of the county as well.

Countryside will pick up trash in Mancos on Thursdays. The company serves Cortez and Dolores on Saturdays.

Find out more

To learn more about Countryside Disposal’s trash collection services, call 970-565-8180 or visit the company’s



To learn more about requirements for waste delivered to the Montezuma County landfill, go to montezumacounty.org and click on the


tab under Departments and Contacts. The landfill has recently made some changes to its regulations, such as lifting the ban on cardboard recycling materials.

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