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Neville campaign seeks backers

Petitions for help in Senate bid

DENVER – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tim Neville is asking Colorado conservatives to pledge early support as he kicks off a fundraising effort.

The state senator from Littleton announced his campaign in late September, just as Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler issued a statement saying he would not run for the Republican Party’s nod to challenge incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet in 2016. Some Republicans had been counting on Brauchler to lead the effort.

Neville has the highest profile of the candidates running after a slew of well-known Republicans, including state Sen. Ellen Roberts of Durango, passed on the opportunity. Other candidates could join the race, though few high-profile names have expressed interest.

While Neville has some statewide recognition, he will need to mount an aggressive campaign to earn the household name that Bennet achieved.

Bennet raised $1.6 million the last quarter and has $5.4 million in the bank.

In his email donation plea on Thursday, Neville states: “They say because I’m pro-life, pro-liberty and for smaller government, I can’t win. They say because I oppose liberal Republicans as quickly as I oppose liberal Democrats, I shouldn’t be elected. They say small-dollar contributions don’t matter in politics. That the big money boys will never back a firebrand conservative fighter like me. And they say Obama lackey and Democrat U.S. Senator Michael Bennet can’t be defeated. They’re wrong. And with your help, I will prove it to them.”

Democrats pounced on Neville after his earlier announcement.

“Tim Neville may be the most out-of-touch member of Colorado’s Legislature, and his agenda would hurt Colorado families,” said Colorado Democratic Party spokesman Andrew Zucker.

Neville is attacked for his stanch pro-life record. This year, he sponsored legislation that would have required an ultrasound for a woman who is considering having an abortion. It also would have required a woman to wait 24 hours after her initial appointment before having the procedure.

Neville says he is the change Coloradans are looking for, especially conservatives. Neville states: “I’m afraid the American Dream could become a thing of the past.”

He outlines his platform as wanting to “secure the border and protect American sovereignty, provide for a strong national defense, cut spending and slash taxes, defend our Second Amendment freedoms, protect the unborn, stand up for traditional family values and defend states’ rights.”

Neville email (PDF)

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