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My flag, your flag, our flag

As I drive around Montezuma County, I see the remnants of many American flags in various states of disrepair; faded, ripped and tattered.

Whether flown from the back of a pickup truck or on your porch, the flag represents the sacrifice of Americans who believe in the promise of “liberty and justice for all.”

Respect for that symbol of freedom binds Americans of every faith, color or political persuasion. If you care for the flag and “for what it stands,” review “4 U.S. Code, Chapter One, The Flag,” which provides guidance to properly retire a damaged flag. The demonstration of our patriotism carries a responsibility to properly respect and care for the symbols of that patriotism.

As Veterans Day approaches, renew your respect for the symbols of democracy and your respect for Americans who gave their lives to protect that democracy. Retire the tattered Stars and Stripes under your care and hoist a fresh version to demonstrate your commitment to the continued greatness of our nation.

Ron Huffman, Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force (ret.)