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‘Money in should equal money out’

My financial education boiled down to one thing growing up: Don't spend more than what you make. Money in should equal money out. I mistakenly thought that our government would know the same rule. Live within your means. But apparently not.

The rule with local, state and national government seems to be if you don't have enough money for all these programs, subsidies, alarm systems for our House representatives, then just print some more money.

Or, do like our governor does. Just impose some more fees to generate more revenue. In the last legislative session, Gov. Jared Polis was able to impose 17 more fees to help pay for "free programs and subsidized programs." When added up, these additional fees will provide an additional $776,823,144 collected over the next two to three years. (Do these fees include the 88 fees that have been imposed on our voting citizens here in Colorado during the last three years?)

In June, the average American was losing 3.5% of real wages. Thirty-five% of small businesses were unable to pay their rent because of rent hikes of up to 15%. Credit cards are being used to cover basic needs of food, housing, utilities and transportation. We are seeing rising rates of hungry and homeless here in our town.

Thank you, Gov. Polis, for adding even more fiscal burden to the backs of our citizens as they try to make ends meet.

Think carefully when you vote this November.

Jane Pearson