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McLachlan’s results ‘not good’

I recently read a letter to the editor lauding the accomplishments of Barbara McLachlan and pleading to support her reelection. Though a laundry list of McLachlan’s sponsored bills was provided, what counts is the impact of her actions on the lives of her constituents in House District 59. The results of her work are not good.

“Overdose deaths surge as fentanyl floods Colorado,” according to a CBS headline. Colorado Public Radio reported, “Colorado’s public education system is in crisis . . . our students don’t deserve this.” And Denver 7 News noted, “We are all struggling: Law enforcement agencies across Colorado facing hiring challenges.”

The fact of the matter is that life in the 59th District is not getting better. Fentanyl deaths are up, academic achievement in our schools is down, housing is unaffordable and many are struggling to provide for their families. McLachlan contributed to all of these failures.

She supported decriminalization of fentanyl; she supported and promoted increased taxes and fees; she supported the sexualization of our children; she cosponsored the most extreme abortion law in the country, allowing for the taking of the life of a child as it is about to enter the world. And her policies squash our ability to produce the natural resources that can provide prosperity for all who call the 59th District home.

There were six words in that letter that I agreed with. “Stand for freedom and common sense!” Those words are truly an endorsement for Shelli Shaw!

A. M. O’Hare