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Mayor, City of Cortez workers deserve praise for kindness

I wanted to publicly thank Mayor Mike Lavey and his city of Cortez team for their recent vigilance and kindness.

Since I moved to Cortez in February 2019, I have observed and silently thanked the mayor and this city for its pride and efforts to keep Cortez clean and in good shape. The public parks, the well-maintained roads, and Cortez kindness from businesses and employees reward its citizens and welcome travelers.

I recently found a "Courtesy Notice“ door hanger on my front door reminding me to mow/weed-eat the front yard (which was mostly weeds). Sprinkler Pros quickly responded to my plea for help and mowed the yard into compliance. When I received a second notice I was shaken, thinking, “Now what have I done (or failed to do)?” I was so relieved and grateful that the notice was a friendly "Thank You“ acknowledgment – hand-written note – thanking me for the compliance. This was a first in my homeowner experience. That little kindness goes a long way.

Another item of note: The city of Cortez police dispatch sent an officer who helped me search for my newly acquired dog, which slipped out the front door without collar or tags.

Thank you, Mayor Mike Lavey and the city of Cortez, for the extraordinary efforts of your team – keeping our little city the jewel that it is – and for employing people of skill and conscience who work hard to ensure the safety, comfort and security of our residents and visitors.

Theresa Goldstrand