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Masks can curb spread of germs

In reference to the local schools/businesses, municipalities and mask mandates.

I’m not a doctor, but I attended a preschool where “say it don’t spray it” was a pretty solid rule, along with keeping your hands to yourself and not coughing or sneezing or spitting on each other, and I’m not saying this early education sunk fully in with my generation, but it’s there.

The rules for biohazard/contagion quarantine and contagion don’t really include handkerchiefs, but here you have it such that handkerchiefs are out of fashion, and the alternative of strapping a bit of cloth to your face (to help you keep track?) probably is and always has been better than spittle and reek unfiltered or unrestrained. COVID-19 ain’t the only bug going around.

And if standing before a crowd? As a student, did you not marvel how much phlegm could gather at the speaker’s lips as the lecture continued?

Did you not already fear its release?

W. Farina Cannon