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Mancos school board holds open house about construction

Construction is slated to start on May 29 and cost an estimated $24.7 million

Mancos School District Re-4A held an open house Monday night to answer community questions and concerns about upcoming construction.

Owner’s representative Monty Guiles led the meeting, presenting blueprints and drawings of the construction to come.

About 20 community members attended the open house. Most concerns were about disruptions to neighbors of the school property and school security. The community members in attendance were largely supportive of the project throughout the meeting. One audience member spoke to the impact the new construction will make on students once it is finished.

“The board is committed to ensuring that we are being good neighbors during this process. At any time we are not, let us know,” Superintendent Brian Hanson said. “If you have a concern, don’t stew on it, let me know right away, and we will get answers to you as soon as we can.”

Construction is set to begin on May 29 and take about two years. The construction crew is scheduled to work 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday with occasional Saturday construction.

According to Guiles, the construction will cost an estimated $24.7 million with soft and hard costs built in.

Hanson said the district will have a construction tab on its website where they will announce any change or update.

In regards to security, the facility will remain in a “lockout mode,” meaning all doors and windows will be locked. The entire school grounds will be fenced in.

“Because the playground is partially funded by GOCO (Great Outdoors Colorado) we do have to make it available to community use,” Hanson said.

“But we are going to have limited hours. Once those hours are done, the gates are locked, and they can’t get in there.”

The new track will have seven lanes, making Mancos eligible to host up to 14 schools at a track meet.

“I think we will start drawing kids too,” Guiles said. “If you have new wrestling facilities, a new drama department and a new field ... this will give us an edge.”