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Mancos school board discusses superintendent evaluation

At their January meeting, the Mancos School District’s Board of Education discussed the superintendent’s evaluation. (Screen capture via YouTube)
Board celebrates the superintendent’s achievements over the last year

The Mancos School District Board of Education on Monday reviewed the annual superintendent’s evaluation, giving Superintendent Todd Cordrey high marks for “command” and for improving transparency and the curriculum process.

Board President Emily Hutcheson-Brown spoke about Cordrey’s initiative and plans for the district, including hiring an HR director for the district.

She rated Cordrey’s evaluation as “strong command.” She also noted that under Cordrey’s leadership, the district has improved instruction, become more proficient at presenting information, expanded project-based learning, developed a strategic plan, boosted professional training and created curriculum review processes.

Board members also praised the improved communication and transparency throughout the district, his active participation in the community and the significant amount of grant funding brought into the district under his leadership.

“Mr. Cordrey has an open-door policy for the board, staff and community and affirms the work of the board consistently and sincerely,” Hutcheson-Brown said.

Hutcheson-Brown shared that close to $1 million had been brought into the district from grants.

“It’s impossible to match his work ethic,” she said.

According to the evaluation documents provided to The Journal by Hutcheson-Brown, the superintendent’s self-evaluation and goal-setting process was due to the board president on Nov. 30, 2023.

“Mr. Cordrey and his administration team present informative and data-driven reports on both instructional progress and the strategic plan to the board monthly,” the report said.

The report also noted the training for faculty and staff.

“Mr. Cordrey has implemented instructional coaching and professional training for those coaches … curriculum review process has become more transparent and has more involvement,” the report said.

The final score was 52.4 out of 72.

The board also heard from the District Accountability Committee. In that segment of the monthly board meeting, middle school teacher Sarah Levine, a representative from the accountability committee, talked about a project for Mancos juniors that would help them visualize goals and plan for what they want to do after graduating high school.

The next board meeting is Monday, Feb. 26 at 6 p.m.