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Mancos resident thanks teachers

I am writing to offer heartfelt thanks to teachers and all who support them in the schools.

Their sacrifices may not be as obvious as health care workers during the pandemic, but they are truly amazing. They have pivoted from remote learning back to in-person learning, adapted lessons to address absences due to COVID-19, and demonstrated flexibility during these unprecedented times.

In Mancos recently, art teacher Alys Hansen held a well-attended PK-5 art show at Fenceline Cidery, with the help of Fenceline’s Ansley Livingston.

As a longtime educator about to offer a writing and art project for teens at the Mancos library (Writing for Resilience), I am grateful for all the teachers who continue to show up, engage students in creative lessons, and put themselves and their families at potential risk during outbreaks.

As Montezuma County faces this latest wave of severe risk from omicron, please protect yourselves, and thank essential workers, librarians, health care workers and all school personnel, especially the teachers. We depend upon their dedication. Teachers don’t just show up, they nurture our most precious resource: our children.

Lisa C. Taylor, Mancos