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Mancos Democrats and Republicans choose delegates at caucuses

Democrats outnumber Republicans almost 5-1

Mancos Republicans and Democrats met at their respective Precinct 11 caucuses to choose the delegates they would send to the county assembly on March 16.

Colorado uses the caucus system to choose candidates for the 2018 primary ballot.

The Democratic caucus was held at the Mount Lookout Grange in Mancos and had about 55 attendees. The Republican caucus was held at the Mancos Public Library and had about 11 attendees.

Each caucus had a co-chair to lead the meeting. The Republicans of Mancos chose Mary Marks, and the Democrats chose Peter Robinson.

Republicans discussed issues facing their party, namely taxes and gun reform. Jim Malhberg presented a petition to revoke part of the Colorado Safe Schools Act to avoid some of the “red tape” to arm willing staff in schools. The petition was signed by Tim Hunter and Malhberg.

Malhberg also encouraged his fellow Republicans to consider voting for Walker Stapleton for Colorado governor because of his experience as Colorado treasurer.

The Democrats discussed rallying points and encouraged participation. Participants put their name tags on a poster for the candidate they planned to vote for.

They also celebrated the opening of their new Montezuma County headquarters on Main Street in Cortez.

“We want to be in building mode, we don’t want to be in survival mode,” said. “In response to that we have opened our Montezuma County headquarters on Main Street Cortez.”

The following delegates from each party will attend the Montezuma County assembly March 16.


Bob Erner, Maxwell Doyle, Kevin Mullikin, Janice Bryan, Silvia Fleitz, John Fleitz, Bob Becker, Peter Robinson, Merlin Yazzie.


Tim Hunter, Jim Malhberg, Adam Barnhurst, Doris McKinley, John Thibault, Michelle Thibault, Ron Long

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