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Update: Suspect arrested in Cortez assault is released from jail

Man who was allegedly assaulted recants statement identifying suspect
A man who allegedly was assaulted at Veterans Park went to City Market. Emergency responders took him to Southwest Memorial Hospital. (Jim Mimiaga/The Journal)

A man who was allegedly assaulted at Veterans Park Tuesday afternoon later recanted his statement identifying a female suspect who had been arrested, according to the Cortez Police Department.

The woman was released from jail, and the arrest was absolved, said Assistant Police Chief Andy Brock.

During an interview with police at the jail, Wilson “recanted his story and said it was not her, that it was someone else he did not identify, and he did not want to press charges,” Brock said.

Brock said because the victim recanted his statement identifying the suspect, there was not enough evidence for the arrest.

Jones was taken to Southwest Memorial Hospital with a minor injury. After he identified a suspect, Cortez Police arrested a woman at Centennial Park a short time later for second-degree assault, Brock said.

According to initial reports, the woman allegedly hit the man in the arm, then left, Brock said. The initial report was that he had been stabbed, he said. No weapon was recovered.

Wilson realized he was bleeding, and emergency responders were called to City Market, where he had gone. He was treated at the scene and taken to Southwest Memorial.

Wilson was released from the hospital with a minor injury, Brock said.

Cortez Fire Protection District, Southwest Health System ambulance, and Cortez Police Department responded to the scene.