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Man accused of driving while impaired, crashing into brick wall at Shiloh’s

A man in a vehicle with Arizona license plates is accused of driving under the influence of drugs and crashing into a brick wall at Shiloh’s in Cortez.
May 9 crash occurred after man allegedly passed out behind the wheel

A man is accused of driving while impaired and crashing into the brick wall of Shiloh’s Steakhouse in Cortez earlier this month.

As Cortez police officer Kadan Sharp arrived on the scene just before 3 p.m. on May 9, he said multiple people were standing around two white sedans, both of which had severe damage, after one of them allegedly collided with the brick wall in the parking lot.

Cody Mallett, the driver of a white Nissan Altima from Arizona, was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of drugs.

Mallett told police he was driving westbound in the 2000 block of East Main Street when he collided with the driver’s side of a black Chevy Silverado.

After hitting the truck, Mallett lost control of his vehicle and went off the south side of East Main Street, went airborne through the LivWell Marijuana Dispensary, jumped the dispensary’s driveway and continued driving through the Shiloh’s parking lot, according to police.

As Mallett’s car hit the Shiloh’s access ramp, the vehicle went airborne once more, barely missing Kirby and Jodi Case. Mallett collided with the Case’s black Nissan Rouge before colliding with a Chrysler Sebring and gray Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The vehicle eventually hit the brick retaining wall on the west side of Shiloh’s, 5 S. Veach St.

Sharp said Mallett told him that he passed out while driving, and next thing he knew, “he was in a wreck and had collided with the wall.”

After a search of Mallett’s vehicle, officers found open marijuana and alcohol containers littered throughout the vehicle.

Sharp said Mallett’s eyes were “bloodshot and glassy,” and he had a “white, foamy saliva around his mouth as if it were dry” and “cotton mouth.”

Mallett agreed to perform voluntary roadside maneuvers. He allegedly gave three clues of being under the influence during the walk and turn stage, as well as the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.

The horizontal gaze nystagmus test was administered by Sgt. Kurtiss Baumgartner. According to the report, Mallett had a “lack of conversions,” was unable to follow directions and had to have the directions explained to him repeatedly.

Mallett later consented to a blood test, which was administered at Southwest Memorial Hospital.

After the blood draw, Mallett was served a summons for driving under the influence of drugs, which is the same charge as a DUI under Colorado law, reckless driving, open alcohol container and open marijuana container inside a motor vehicle.

Mallett will appear in court in the 22nd Judicial District at 9 a.m. June 12 for his arraignment.

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