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‘Make America great again’

Before you vote on Nov. 8, don't be side-tracked and misled by false and distorted statements promoted by the radical far left and the fake news media against the Republican's position on abortion. It's only a smokescreen to divert your attention away from the major issues, such as the economy, inflation, gas prices, our borders, crime and education, all of which directly affect your life, family and our beloved country.

Within the present administration, there are several corrupt anti-American politicians who are hell-bent on attempting to convert our country into a godless, socialistic society, where right is wrong, and wrong is right, by promoting morally reprehensible policies that will destroy the heart of America. This must never be allowed to happen! Keep that in mind when you vote.

Vote for candidates that will uphold the Constitution and our Judeo Christian heritage and support the constructive policies that were in effect two years ago, only to be foolishly terminated by the present delusional and inept administration.

This administration is leading our country into a downward spiral, fueled with lies, deception and moral corruption. The future of our beloved country depends primarily on all patriotic Americans to get out and vote for those candidates who support the policies that will “make America great again.”

Bob Gramera