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‘MAGA Republicans, on bended knees’

Every day, the news is full of actions by MAGA Republicans that just leave me speechless. They scream about the border problem, so a bipartisan group of senators spend four months hammering out a bill to address it.

Response? Donald Trump wants the border issue to whip up his base, so MAGA Republicans, on bended knees, squash the bill. Then, they attack the Republicans who worked hard to create that bill. Why? Not just because of Trump’s request, but because those Republican senators had the temerity to actually work with Democrats to accomplish something for the American people. To solve a problem. To do the job they were elected to do.

What have the MAGA Republicans accomplished? Fake impeachments, killing bipartisan bills, hearings that have proved nothing, kicking out their U.S. House speaker, attacking colleagues for lack of fealty to Trump, changing legislative rules to give themselves more power, producing sound bites for right-wing media, and on and on.

Trump’s biggest worry is that he’s running out of things to blame on Joe Biden. First, it was inflation, but the Federal Reserve has successfully brought that down. Unfortunately, Biden has skillfully handled foreign disasters in Ukraine and the Middle East. The economy is historically strong. Actually proposing policy solutions doesn’t get anyone’s attention.

Criticizing the other guy seems to work best. And because truth has been successfully sidelined, it must be time to ramp up more lies!

I hope the voters in November show more spine than the MAGA Republicans.

Rich Farrington