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Local news won’t make itself, you know

I can understand readers not wanting Durango news in a paper that is supposed to cover the Cortez/Dolores/Mancos area (“

Kathryn Carey’s observation, however, is emblematic of the struggle small-town newspapers face simply to stay in business.

To cover the “many interesting things going on in the Cortez-Dolores area” requires paid journalists, investigative reporters, writers, editors, etc. People who are willing to show up to the council, commission, board, courts, games, and then write up an article.

In this era of falling ad revenue and falling readership, this local coverage is becoming more and more difficult. Perhaps people don’t care what is happening in their town. Perhaps people believe that if The Journal folds, local news will continue to appear on the internet.

I am quite pleased with the local coverage The Journal is able to provide despite having a very small staff. Friday’s paper devotes a section to Dolores and Mancos. If news from other parts of the state appears in the paper, I generally view it as informative or interesting.

Finally, I doubt a story of carvings on aspen trees in Dolores-Cortez was neglected because of the need for secrecy. More likely it’s because workers at The Journal simply don’t know the story exists.

To all readers of The Journal who don’t want Durango stories appearing in The Journal, help out by being citizen reporters and bringing the stories to the hard workers at The Journal instead of waiting for what you want to read about to magically appear.

Stacy OshieldsCortez