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Life is grim under Biden’s leadership

It is difficult talking with friends and family that voted for Joe Biden. They seem oblivious to what is happening since he was elected. They have retirement accounts that are not increasing but losing money. While Nancy Pelosi’s net worth increased from $140 million to $360 million and Hunter and the other Biden family are getting rich, he is being successful at ruining our economy.

They fill up with gas paying $0.50/gallon more since he is in office. Americans were abandoned, dying overseas. Our enemies are recovering control that we took from them. Red China launched a satellite capable of capturing our satellites, that could destroy our defenses, while Sleepy Joe brags about getting a four-star transgender admiral. Social media partners up with him, blocking any free speech.

Prices of everything skyrocket. Shelves in our stores are becoming empty. Orders are backordered, keeping us from working on projects. Car lots are empty. Social Security is becoming more in danger because one-quarter of able adults are not working. They aren’t looking for work. Restaurants and other businesses close part time because nobody wants to work. Two million criminal immigrants crossed over in hopes of getting free stuff. Babies are being aborted at record numbers by a president that claims to be Catholic. God is mocked. Murder and shootings are increasing in gun-free zones. They want to take guns so we can’t even protect ourselves from him. Open your eyes!

Thomas Ben Burnison