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Letter: Don’t lump Cortez Patriots in with Capitol rioters

Amanda McNeil was granted a large section of the Jan. 13 Journal to spew liberal left venom in an attempt to silence and restrict the Patriots’ “freedom of speech and assembly” granted to all of us by the Constitution.

First of all, the “paraders” or “freedom protesters” have a right to drive down the streets with signs and flags as long as they obey the laws and are peaceful. The police officers who you refer to as complicit are correct in monitoring the Patriots’ behavior in demonstrating.

Second of all, you called them domestic terrorists, seditionists and insurrectionists, as they supposedly attacked Black Lives Matter demonstrators who also came in from other towns.

Please do not lump us in with the out-of-control protesters that stormed the Capitol or the Black Lives Matter rioters that broke the laws by burning and looting last summer!

Finally, as a former Colorado state senator, you should realize that your vindictive and hateful letter does nothing but rub more salt in the wounds and further divide all of us.

I would like to remind you to read what it states in the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Marvin HermannsCortez