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Letter: Cortez Republican’s flags, signs torn down

Considering the political bias of the Journal, and based on past experience, I will be very surprised if this is printed; or at the very least not in its entirety. However, I’m aggravated enough to give it a shot.

Over the last three months I’ve had my American and Trump flags torn down, “Back the Blue” yard sign stolen, and have received nasty notes on my gates. If you think I’ve been deterred, think again. I’m one of the 75-plus million, not-so-silenced anymore, majority Americans who will no longer shut up and obey.

So the flags will be replaced.

Heads up to whomever! I have had surveillance cameras installed on my property, which will also be covering the street in front of my property, 24/7. So be sure to smile for the camera!

Louise LongCortez