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‘Lesser of the cognitively impaired’

The lesser of two evils? Not anymore. Now it’s the lesser of the cognitively impaired.

Maybe we don’t need to MoCA (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) those in or running for office. There is, after all, plenty of evidence of impairment, and not just from the geezers, but also from the younger cockwombles and henwombles (descriptives for men and women in the United Kingdom and Ireland who say and/or do stupid things), serving in (or running for) the clown car we call current government.

Given all the evidence we already have of cognitive decline in our politicians, maybe a VoCA (a Voter Cognitive Assessment) is what’s needed.

It doesn’t have to be cruelly difficult, like poll tests given in the South to suppress the Black vote after the Civil War. (“Yes, you can vote if you recite the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the first two books of the Old Testament, in under four minutes.”)

Hmm, possible question for VoCA: True or false, the U.S. has never been a racist country.

The American electorate keeps choosing people to “govern” us who openly demonstrate cognitive impairment. Evidence? Locally, we gave ourselves Lauren Boebert.Maybe we, the voters, are the problem?

The late Christopher Hitchens said that partisanship makes you stupid, but what causes partisanship? Maybe it’s cognitive impairment.

Maybe we have met the enemy and he is us.

Kevin Devine