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Kindness makes our lives better

Dear Be Kind Montezuma, I was so gratified when I read The Journal last week and found a full-page ad encouraging (of all things!) kindness.

The text of the ad acknowledged the frustration and suffering we all feel and then offered a solution – be kind. I wholeheartedly agree that all of us should take a deep breath, call on our patience, remember the Golden Rule, think before we speak.

I've experienced several verbal assaults recently. One man thought it was OK to curse me out in the crudest language possible for leaving the grocery store and wearing my mask until I got into my car. I wish I could have overcome my silent shock in time to tell him that his anger is hurting him more than it is me.

I am thankful that the majority of my interactions with my fellow Cortez citizens are cordial and kind. I hope that the people who are feeling overwhelmed, powerless, frustrated or angry can focus instead on things for which we still can be grateful, especially each other.

Terry Wells