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Journal is unfair to Montessori school

The recent exposé of the Children’s Kiva Montessori School was poorly executed and does a disservice to our community.

Not only were the articles excessive and overwhelmingly negative, they were lengthy, disorganized and lacking in perspective. They left the sense that the school deserves to fail, making no mention of the opportunities these challenges may afford, efforts that have already been made toward improvement and the value to our children of having at least the option of a Montessori education.

Carter Pape’s and the managing editor’s apparent lack of interest in these other realities and the repercussions of their lack of foresight is disappointing, if not harmful.

I’m not saying some of these challenges aren’t real or big. But the alarmist approach of Pape’s reporting, especially on the newest development of asbestos abatement, or quoting individuals from “documents obtained by the Journal” without contacting them for added context is unfair. At a minimum, it is poor journalism.

The staff, parents, community members, and students who are working really hard to see the school through its challenges deserve better.

And, just as an aside, the CKMS Harry Potter-themed family night was a fun, engaging, well attended and thoughtfully organized fund-raising event for people of all ages. It’s too bad Pape missed it.

Leigh Sand