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I’ve made a partial list of Trump’s flaws

Donald Trump is doing many things to help us in this country.

One, he’s requesting of us to become more aware, through his speeches, tweets and actions, about who he really is, and more importantly, who we are, or are becoming.

Here are some of the many ways to be recognized; deceitful, hypocrite, entitled, greedy, corrupt, racist, slanderous, shaming and blaming, manipulative, cruel, lack of integrity, invalidating our Constitution, manipulation of truth to serve personal agenda, loss of humanitarian values, false pride, secretive, dishonest, disrespectful towards differences, cowardice, controlling in order to reap recognition, takes credit without responsibility, preaching false hope, childish, false compassion, disrespectful towards life, coercive, predatory, mental, emotional abuser, fear and loathing towards women, people of color and different cultures, exploitation and destruction of the natural world for money, power and recognition, self serving, loss of soul, unjust enrichment, lack of personal boundaries, and any more you may see to add to this list of descriptive words.

If any of us, with honesty and humility, can say we recognize even one of the above mentioned categories as being what we ourselves practice, then we have received the gift from Trump, and can take the opportunity he hands us to look at, and evaluate, ourselves, and make a change towards becoming a more decent human being, which by the way, are becoming extinct.

We have the chance to not make America great, but greater!

Sheila Wheeler