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It’s we the people who can do anything

It was we the people who rose up and united to create a “more perfect union.”

It was we the people who laid down their lives to fight to preserve it.

I am sickened to the depth of my soul over the state of politics in this country and what it has done to the people.

Politics works through the art of manipulation regardless of political affiliation or country. Manipulation is a self-serving engine that uses and abuses for the sake of individual agendas and gaining power. Do not let your emotions or actions be manipulated!

Now is the time for we the people to rise up once again through the art of selfless love and fight for “a more perfect union.” I implore we the people to move through selfless love, around and past politics, past that which divides us, stop and truly listen to the heart as one speaks, lock arms and work to find reasonable solutions to the problems which face us.

We the people can do this!

Tenia Tryon