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Insurance doesn’t work in free market

Lauren Boebert does not understand the challenge of free market health care. On her campaign website, the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress lays out her policy positions in her Contract With Colorado, but her positions seem to be oversimplified and don’t include very much detail on how she expects to accomplish her goals.

Quoting the paragraph Free Markets, she states: “Fewer overreaching regulations and more competition will deliver better outcomes. Health care should be personal and portable with transparent and competitive pricing!”

At first glance it seems easy to agree with that statement. But just who gets to decide what regulations are overreaching? President Trump, whom Boebert claims to support completely, is against all regulations even if they were created specifically to protect the health and safety of workers and our environment. And we already know that health care markets are far from free.

Republicans promised to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a better system. Has that happened? How does Boebert plan to create an efficient and affordable free market health care system?

Health insurance just does not work within the free market, especially for aging people who are unlucky enough to have less than perfect health. Eventually that is all of us.

Carl EllisonDurango