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Insist Boebert help fix border policy

Many in the U.S. still look to Fox News and other unreliable sources for data. The following statement was published on Friday in The Washington Post regarding the border. “Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.), for instance, raged at CNN for posting border-crossing numbers and claiming there’s been ‘still no surge’ after the border policy’s end. But CNN was right: The numbers did show a drop.”

The border situation is due to Congress not acting for many years on immigration policy. It is wrong to blame a president and we should be insisting that Boebert get involved with fixing it. It has remained a political hot topic just for political fighting purposes.

Sadly, currently Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to get Kevin McCarthy to endorse an effort to impeach – instead of trying to fix the problem.

Larry Wegrzyn