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‘I support county closing camp’

After reading the umpteenth article on the Purple Cliffs homeless camp, I decided to go take another look for myself. Quite frankly, it's disgusting. The place is a filthy mess with trash strewn virtually everywhere, when free dumpsters are provided. There's someone living out of a car alongside the road with trash a foot deep or more all around it. There's a dozen or more shopping carts.

I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. Why are these conditions allowed? All I hear about is how they need more services from the city or county, and how they're so well-managed, wanting to stay, etc. If they want to stay so badly, why can't they simply keep their camp clean so it's not a putrid mess? The person(s) living in the car should be cited, forced to clean up the mess they've created and forced to move. The whole camp should be forced to clean up its act.

I really don't get how it's taxpayers’ responsibility to care of these people. It's no different than if someone just up and moves into your backyard, refuses to leave and demands you take care of his every need. They need to start showing some respect for the community they're trashing, and quit whining about not getting enough services. They can always leave. I support La Plata county closing the camp as soon as possible.

Ken Van Zee