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‘Herald’s support for ceasefire with far left’

The Durango Herald’s support for Hamas’ ceasefire calls is pretty much in line with the far left of the U.S.

Hamas admits that its casualty figures are not accurate, yet the U.S. liberal media treats its published casualty numbers as gospel.

Always, when the Palestinians attack Israel, our leftist media only waits a short time before siding with the aggressors and calling for a ceasefire. So much for hand-wringing about “our allies.”

What is astounding is that the leftist media in the U.S. does not mention the hostages, when calling for a ceasefire, except glibly and, quickly, and in passing. Some of those hostages are actually American citizens, folks.

You never hear the names of the hostages except in one or two American conservative outlets. The U.S. has changed from caring about each and every citizen to either deliberately not mentioning them when killed or captured or waving them off with statements like “illegal aliens don’t kill all that many Americans, when you look at the big picture.”

Perhaps if our media were pro-American, things would be different.

Mike Sigman