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Herald ‘providing every side of news’

I’m writing this letter in response to your page 3A article and photo on Wednesday, “Protesters picket The Durango Herald,” in which La Plata County GOP protesters were boycotting what they said was a “biased Herald.

I relocated in Durango a few months ago and have been impressed by the political even-handedness of this local newspaper, as well as its fairness to organizations as out of touch with reality as is the MAGA right that continues to deny the results of the last presidential election.

In particular, I have been impressed at the ethical journalism practiced by the Herald, which I consider to be a truly outstanding, commendable publication. I say this based on my lifetime of media experience – senior international news editor at the Christian Science Monitor, director of the University of Minnesota’s Silha Center for the Study of Media Ethics & Law and a presidentially appointed media ethics professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

The Herald featured in its Wednesday newspaper a photo of a small handful of misguided GOP protesters calling for a boycott of the newspaper. This is testament to the newspaper’s commitment to providing every side of the news, regardless of how foolish, irresponsible and unethical that side might be.

William A. Babcock