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‘Herald missed story’ on Bayfield election

That MAGA-type politics have seeped into local nonpartisan elections is alarming. Apparently, in some people’s minds, the Bayfield Town Board election was about “us and them.” Well, there is no us and there is no them. Only we the people.

The Sunday before the election, I received a call from someone who proceeded to question me on my position on “property rights.” It was framed very aggressively. I immediately asked where she lived, and realized she could not vote in our area. I was not interested in talking to her about property rights and hung up.

So, it was a big surprise when after the election, I learned she was Tom Au’s campaign manager.

Apparently, someone has an agenda and that is her prerogative. But it leaves a lingering ethical question. I was told, and this was confirmed by an election judge, that she tried to make herself a presence during the counting of the votes. Two people I trust said she was asked to leave in no uncertain terms. One said the election judge actually lost his temper in asking her to leave.

Besides the outcome, which was phoned in, The Durango Herald really missed the story!

Congratulations to those who did win election to the town board. But get the message, you are fiduciaries. Everything you do is subject to scrutiny.

David Black