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‘Get real,’ Bidenomics not working for ‘most’

After reading the Sept 17 letter to the editor about how “Bidenomics is working for the average American,” I can’t help but wonder what America the writer lives in.

In 2016, the national average for a gallon of gasoline was $2.16; in 2020, the average was $2.19; today, the national average is over $4 per gallon. Furthermore, in 2016, the consumer price index was 1.6%; in 2020 it was 1.7%. Prediction for the end of December 2023 is 4.75%. To the letter writer, don’t pretend that “Bidenomics” works for everyone. Maybe for the 1% of elites in your America, but not for me.

Grocery prices are up 20% to 25%, as is most consumables. I just can’t see the how Bidenomics is working for anyone, let alone “most” Americans. Get real.

Noah Moore