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Gaetz in Durango will ‘widen political divide’

I am a longtime resident of Durango. I just had a great meet-up with old friends for coffee, all long-time residents of La Plata County. We are all old guys with various backgrounds and different opinions.

As our conversations turned to all of the issues facing our families, country, our county, our grandkids. I mentioned that our local Republicans have invited U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz to speak in Durango.

We all shook our heads. What has become of our local Republicans?

They are our friends, our neighbors. How does that happen?

To invite such a decisive – yet popular – MAGA Republican to Durango is troubling.

Do my friends and neighbors actually believe in this person enough to support his presence?

He has every right to speak, here or anywhere. I’m hoping my Republican friends can understand how this choice can only widen the political divide we face.

Jim Sims