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‘Forgiven code for taxpayer funded’

President Biden proudly stated that he won’t be deterred by the Supreme Court as he seeks alternate means to write off an additional $85 billion in student loan debt. Two things come to mind.

First, all the college graduates I know went to college of their own free will, although some no doubt were encouraged by their parents. Either way, they or their parents will pay off their own student debts.

Why should those that have worked hard to pay off their own college debt now have to pay the debts of those whose loans are “forgiven?” (Remember, forgiven is code for taxpayer funded). College is a choice.

Second, openly defying the Supreme Court is an aberration of the rule of law in our country. Where is the public outrage? Is this somehow better than the much maligned Jan. 6 Capitol rioting?

Democrat or Republican, Americans should expect and demand better from ourselves and our so-called leaders.

Foutz Mike